 Offers quick and competitive shipping quotes. 

 By no means shares loads with other companies.

 Will provide honest, expert service at a reasonable price.

 Never will combine common cargo with fragile antiques.  

 Has the expertise to properly custom pack any fragile item.

  Has an unparalleled, full-coverage Damage Protection Plan.

Has a knowledgeable trained team to handle fine and fragile antiques. 

 No forklifts or heavy equipment are used when handling your item(s). 

    Includes a complimentary in-home service and set up to the first floor.

     Has the knowledge to know which items will require extra care and time.

      Removes all packing and shipping debris when leaving a delivery location.  

                   Has a friendly, professional staff that will provide you with courteous customer service.

 Email or voice notification to the delivery customer when their item has been picked up or we are near your location.

 Please Note:

Pick up is usually between four thru six weeks and delivery is, under normal circumstances, usually 30-60 days.  Periods around holidays may be extended due to increased volume of shipments.  Our delivery trucks must be able to park within 50 feet of pick up and delivery entrances.  Complimentary set up is limited to 30 minutes per delivery.  Some large or heavier items (ex: pianos) require the assistance of extra people at the pickup and delivery locations.  Deliveries that involve stairs are subject to the
stair charge (which could be found in our FAQ section) and are contingent upon the driver to deem the situation safe for delivery.  Damage Protection Plan  cost is based on the sale value of the item.  Please see more information on this policy on the Damage Protection Page.  All policies on this website apply to pick-up and delivery customers only.








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